Unpublished work.

Photographed by Daniel Sannwald.

"Vermillion sands"

Non published projects of illustrations initiated for Philippe Parreno.

In collaboration with Philippe Jarrigeon.

"Vermillion sands"2



Photographed by Philippe Jarrigeon.


Photography by Daniel Sannwald.

"Cool stage"






Photographed by Tonatiuh Ambrosetti.

"Adidas Classics Past&Future"

Photographed by Daniel Sannwald.

"Time machine"

Photographed by Daniel Sannwald, fashion directed by Ali Toth & Aniko Virag.
The story had also the chance to feature in the movie "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus" by Terry Gilliam.

"Time machine"2

"Time machine"3

"Time machine"4

"Limi Feu"

Photographed by Nick Heavican, styled by Ken Baldwin.

"Neverending story"


Photographed by Daniel Sannwald, styled by Katie Shillingford.